Thursday, September 29, 2005

Melbourne Experimental Electronic Sonic Artist Embarrassed

In an incident that can only be described as unlucky, The Lord Waygood’s brother was found wearing only ‘derriere couture’ yesterday. When interviewed after the event, Harry* claimed he’d been locked out of his house shoeless, unwashed and unshaven, with nothing to his name except a half empty bottle of whisky called ‘Snoopy’. He claims some members of the public “may have seen him”.

Usually dressed in more respectable apparel, Mr Waygood’s embarrassment was futher compounded by the publishing of his woeful tale on ‘The Internet’, an electronic media transfer source. Despite this, some critics of fictitious events have cried “Bullshit” to unrelated, and falsified goings-on.

Harry Waygood has recently shot to fame through his involvement in a Melbourne Fringe Festival production now showing at the North Melbourne Town Hall. Only last week he was a struggling artist, yet his most recent artistic creation has helped cement Mr Harry Waygood as a household name

The exposure to the public of the Young man in less than flattering dress has been regarded by some as a ‘shameless publicity stunt’. Others were unaware that it happened at all.

A public rally is to be staged to support Mr Harry Waygood in the new future, and further shows at the North Melbourne Town Hall are hoping to provide some relief to the poor artist. Mr Waygood can be contacted through his agents at CanvasCity.

*Not really his real name.


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