Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Lord Waygood. Who is he?

Good day to you, dear readers.

The Editors, after a few weeks negotiations, are today proud to publish an excerpt from 'Waygood: A Dynasty'. This soon to be published book is the unauthorised autobiography by Lord William Waygood.

One of the only autobiographies you'll find written in the third person, you can read about the Lord and what events that transpired leading to his exile in Melbourne, Australia.

The tragic story also shows what motivated this heifer to speak Greek.


At 1:23 am, Blogger Rev D 'Tweak' Nichols, North Fitzroy Lancers said...

Wheres my toothbrush?

At 8:21 am, Blogger SammyD said...

Believe not a word of this tripe – for I know the horrid truth of Waygood. He were raised in the mountains, suckled from birth by a rheumy-eyed wolf. He chewed his bones with the pack and were it not for his taste for a fine pate and Burgundy, he would be a-howlin’ at the moon still.

He stole his first tweed from the back of a murder’d man, and learned his language from copies of The Idler magazine stolen from the letterboxes of respectable men. I seen him done it myself.

Beware Waygood, I tells ye. He is a dark hearted man.

At 2:03 am, Blogger Rev D 'Tweak' Nichols, North Fitzroy Lancers said...

Aye, tis the very truth - apart from the bits that arent - which are most of them.

Though I myself have often puzzled at Waygoods penchant for chasing cars and wondered at his ability to 'cleanse himself' by lifting a leg around his head, one cannot doubt his knowledge of the tweed.

Dark heart or not, his presence at the battle of Abrakadabraunderpants was invaluable. Without his ability to regularly order tea, some of the officers may have become quite dehydrated.


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